UPDATE: The IFO (Independent Fiscal Office) Released Their Report On Our State Contract!

The state will invest $88 million in additional dollars over the next 4 years in the front line workforce through higher wages.

(Download the Independent Fiscal Report report).

This is a testament to our members and state professionals who took collective action and fought for a fair state contract that respects and protects public sector workers!

This IFO’s report has been the major holdup and delay in getting our raises and backpay. Hopefully we are now on track to move more quickly.

We don’t know the date yet – (before you ask!) – but as soon as we receive news that our paychecks are up-to-date, we will certainly let everyone know!



COMMONWEALTH OF PA, July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2027

Download 2023 Summary of Agreement as PDF. 


UPDATE! See how these raises will impact you over the next four years of our new state contract. 

Download a PDF below showing the wage scales and raises by job classification.

Disease Intervention Specialists

Dept. of Health (DOH) RNs/CHNs

Epidemiology Program Specialists

Epidemiology Research Associates & CRNPs (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners)


RNs in DOC, DHS, and DMVA

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1. Holidays – Add Juneteenth and change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, Carry over holiday time longer “may be carried ten (10) pay periods into the next calendar year.”

2. EmergencyLeave – Remove limit that first two days use up extraordinary leave, remove language limiting days to 8 hours so long as you have AL leave to cover the whole shift if it’s 12, and remove this “however, absence requests may be denied if such absence would create significant or serious operational impacts.”

3. Sick Leave – Allow new hires to anticipate three days.

4. Vacation and Holiday Templates – Put template local agreements in contract.

5. Job Postings in NeoGov for 7 days instead of 10.

6. Comp Days – Can be carried 10 pay periods into the following year before cashed out.

7. Article 25.17: Move Into New Job – Employees will be moved into new jobs in 60 days from when awarded the bid.

8. PRNs covered by Just Cause –After working 1040 hours as a probation they can grieve discipline to Step 1and Step 2.

9. Travel Expenses – If you don’t pay off Corporate credit card, Management can deduct payments from paycheck.

10. Bargaining Committee – Switch “R” days to be paid to attendNegotiations.

11. Clean-Up Language – Change “credited service” to “eligibility points” in several places and confirm dates for periods of War.

12. Mandatory OvertimeWon language on Act 102 in contract so we can grieve at Step 1 and Step 2 and then use Dept. of Labor & Industry to determine if mandate was illegal. If Commonwealth settles or pays fine the member who was mandated will receive a Comp Day equal to time mandated.

13. Health InsuranceCommonwealth will increase it’s contribution by 10% this year and 2024 and 3% in 2025 and 2026. Employee contribution increases .25% in 2023 and 2026 if in Get Healthy – (.5% if not). Additional wage increase of .25% in 2025 to cover the increase in 2026.


Certification PayIncrease from $350 to $500 and pay a 3rd certification if required.

Retention Incentive$1,000 for 3 years and 4th if retention still an issue. (Add IPRN and DIS).

Top Step Employees will receive retention incentive of $3,000 in 2024, 2025, and 2026. Optional Retention Incentive in 2027 of $2,000 if retention still an issue.

STEP INCREASES EACH YEAR – move one step in January each year with those at Step 20 receiving 2.25% lump sum bonus in lieu of step movement.


  • July 1, 2023 5%
  • July 1, 2024 2%
  • July 1, 2025 2.25%
  • July 1, 2026 2%


Side Letter on Dept. of Health and DOC Central Office RNsminimum start rate moves to Step 5 upon hiring employee after January 1st or no later than April.

Step 1:

Dept. of Health current $31.63 to $36.26 – 14.6% increase

A DOH nurse at step one today goes from $61,687 to $80,379 over 4 years 30% over 4 years

Step 10:

Current $38.57 goes to $40.50 and with steps to $47.05 by 2027 – 22% over 4 years.

Step 20:

  • Current $48.04 goes to $50.44 and to $53.66 in 4 years to $111,612
  • 11.7% over 4 years – plus $9,741.99 in lieu of steps and up to $11,000 in retention = $20,741.99
  • Average Increase 20.7% or $8.02 or $16,689.86 over 4 years.


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