Artinese Malachi

President of Pennsylvania Chapter of SEIU AFRAM
Western Pennsylvania

Brennan Mills

Secretary Treasurer of Pennsylvania Chapter of SEIU AFRAM

Brennan is Chapter President at the Meadows at West Shore and has been a CNA there for 40+ years. She has been a union delegate and is committed to union political work to ensure healthcare workers have a strong voice in legislation. She is ready to continue the fight for equality and justice as AFRAM!

Barbara Coleman

Vice President of Pennsylvania Chapter of SEIU AFRAM
Northeast Pennsylvania

Barbara is a proud mother of two sons and a proud member of SEIU Healthcare PA since 2016. CNA and Chapter President at Riverside Rehab and Nursing Center, Barbara is also on the SEIU National Action Nursing Home Team, an AFL-CIO Delegate, and always fired up to help people.

Lolita Owens

Vice President of Pennsylvania Chapter of SEIU AFRAM
Southeastern Pennsylvania

A home care worker on and off for 15 years, Lolita has represented Liberty Resources caregivers on the Executive Board of SEIU Healthcare PA since 2017. Her love for helping others which her mother and grandparents instilled in her has given her the passion to advocate for the rights of consumers, home care workers, and those without a voice.

Keshia Williams

Vice President of Pennsylvania Chapter of SEIU AFRAM
Northeast Pennsylvania

Proud mom of two and a CNA since 2012, Keshia has been the Chapter President at The Meadows at Scranton since 2018. She is an Executive Board member of SEIU Healthcare PA, a Training and Education Fund Champion with three professional certifications, and a union member lobbyist. Her political activism with the union is driven by her belief that politics is power and her commitment to make caregiver voices be heard with action. As AFRAM, Keshia is excited to unite the people of color in our union and tackle systemic, environmental, social, and economic disparities in our workforce, communities, and union.

January 2022

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History of AFRAM

We are part of the National African American Caucus (AFRAM) of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which advocates for our educational opportunities, training mentorship, leadership development, and networking. Our path to building a strong, represented voice within the national union has been hard-fought by Black union leaders whose legacies we carry forward here in Pennsylvania:

  • In the 1970’s and 1980’s: Before AFRAM was created, Black SEIU leaders such as Ophelia McFadden, Peter Otley, Will Smith, and Herman Lewis advocated for a Civil & Human Rights Department within SEIU, and a Civil & Human Rights Committee of the International Executive Board.
  • In 1992: Patricia A. Ford led the efforts to form regional Caucuses within our national union. This led to the Western Conference African American Caucus (WCAAC), the only caucus in SEIU at the time.
  • In 1996: Black members of the International Executive Board drafted a national African American agenda and held the first SEIU African American Leadership Conference in Atlanta during Black History Month to call for a National SEIU African American Caucus. In addition to over 300 SEIU members attending the conference, SEIU President Richard Cordtz, SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Betty Bednarcyzk, Georgia Congress Persons, Cynthia McKinney and John Lewis, and community activist Rev. James Orange joined.
  • At the 1996 International Convention: The united support of African American convention delegates caused resolutions for National Caucuses to pass and led to a record number of African American leaders to be elected to positions, such as Patricia A. Ford as Executive Vice President.
  • Now: AFRAM is a federation of Regional Caucuses, with 22 National officers. Local unions, such as SEIU Healthcare PA have their own AFRAM chapters which carry out the mission of racial, economic, social, and political equality within society and our union.

You can read our national bylaws here.

“This work is not for the weary. We must be diligent, and persistent. I pledge to be all that and more in the good times and the not so good times. The time for Change, Justice and Accountability is long overdue. I look forward to making these changes and continually bridge the gap with my SEIU Healthcare PA and AFRAM brothers and sisters, because when we fight, we win.”

– Keshia Williams