“Nursing is in crisis, and I’ve seen so many good nurses quit or leave the profession entirely. Through our union, we’ve worked to make sure RNs are respected as professionals and that decisions that impact patients are made with us in the room. That’s why we’re a Magnet hospital. It’s through our union that we were able to ensure the kind of standards that bring and keep good nurses in our hospital.”

Lori Kreider, RN

Hershey Medical Center

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania is the fastest growing union of healthcare workers in Pennsylvania, with 45,000+ caregivers across the state winning strong contracts with guaranteed annual raises, set minimum staffing ratios, improved health benefits, and a fair process for resolving issues and grievances.

With a union, we win the legal power to negotiate with management over staffing, pay, benefits, and working conditions. Together, we have the strength to make significant improvements for all of us.

“Being a union with my coworkers gives me the confidence to know that I can really advocate for my residents in every way. I know that we have a fair contract that we wrote with management and clear processes to address issues.”

Jeanette Gadison
CNA, Gardens at Wyoming Valley