Why We Must Elect Josh Shapiro Governor! SEIU Healthcare PA’s Member Leaders Speak Out

Scroll below to see voting resources, member videos, and information about this year’s critical election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Our contracts, our right to join a union, our future is on the ballot.



Actions You Can Take to Build Power, Win Justice, and Elect Josh Shapiro Governor

1- Visit vote.pa to make sure you’re registered to vote and sign up to vote by mail.

2- Volunteer for our member phone banks and door knocking using our Mobilize link

3Sign our petition: I’m Voting for Josh Shapiro for Governor!

Life long Republicans are voting for Josh Shapiro as Governor, and speaking out against Doug Mastriano’s extreme anti-worker agenda to rip up our union contracts

Rebecca Burgess, Lifelong Republican & Nursing Home LPN: “I’m Voting for Josh Shapiro!”

Tim Pittman: “I’m a Lifelong Republican, But Voting for Josh Shapiro for Gov to Protect My Contract”
Chambersburg Hospital Washer/Extractor

Colleen Nelson: Republican Home Care Aide: Can’t Vote for Doug Mastriano’s Extreme Anti-Worker Agenda

Video Clip: Doug Mastriano wants to take away our right to have a union and bargain fair contracts in Pennsylvania if he becomes Governor

Josh Shapiro Is Our Healthcare Champion

Attorney General Josh Shapiro: “I will protect the union way of life when I become Governor of Pennsylvania!”

Josh Shapiro Supports Patient Safety Act, Lifting Wages for Healthcare Workers (March 19, 2022)

Essential Healthcare Workers Are Voting for Josh Shapiro as Governor, Our True Champion, Who Respects Workers and Fights for #UnionsForAll

Jacinta Burgess, Home Care, Harrisburg: “My Rights as a Woman, Union Member, and Being Queer Are Under Attack.”

Antonio Bowser, Home Care Worker: “Josh Shapiro Has My Back, He’s the Perfect Fit for Pennsylvania.”

Joni Ondra, RN West Penn: “Safe Staffing is a Crisis, Which is Why We Must Elect Josh Shapiro Gov!”

Lolita Owens, Home Care Worker: “I’m Proud to Vote for Josh Shapiro As Our Next Governor!”

Aisha Faulk: CNA, Chestnut Hill Hospital: “Josh Shapiro Respects Healthcare Workers”

Josh Shapiro Supports Patient Safety Act, Lifting Wages for Healthcare Workers (March 19, 2022)

With gas prices, inflation, and corporate profits skyrocketing, healthcare workers are ready for meaningful change in Pennsylvania. This election, our jobs, health insurance, and ability to provide for our families are on the ballot.

Josh Shapiro has pledged to expand the power of union members, raise wages, and end the short-staffing crisis. He will continue to stand up to powerful corporate interests, like the healthcare and hospital industry, who line their pockets while too many patients and residents suffer.

Josh Shapiro is a proven leader for healthcare workers:

Strong supporter of safe staffing policies for nursing homes and hospitals, and has pledged to pass our Patient Safety Act to improve care

Took on the multi-billion dollar hospital system, UPMC, and won, and has promised to continue to hold corporate healthcare accountable to the people

As Attorney General, criminally prosecuted and jailed bad nursing home operators who lied about staffing and endangered residents

Will expand #UnionsForAll so workers have the right to join a union to fight for more.

“Josh Shapiro HONORS AND RESPECTS essential workers for the important, life-saving work we do every day. We must elect Josh Shapiro Governor to strengthen our union, protect our rights, and make sure our voices are heard and our votes counted!”

CYRELL GREEN, West Philadelphia, Laundry-Aide for 16-years at Saunders House

ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

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