We are the largest union of nurses across Pennsylvania, and we’re working to raise nursing standards and save lives. We know we’re able to deliver the best possible care when we, as nurses, have a strong voice in every room where healthcare decisions are made. That’s why more and more nurses are joining us right now to advocate for our patients and our profession.

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As nurses, we need a strong voice to provide the best possible care for our patients and residents. Forming a union gives you that voice to improve your job and the care you give.

“We recently won our union, and I’m really proud that in our first contract, we improved our benefits, protected our schedules, and guaranteed raises every year. This’ll help us retain good nurses at the bedside.”

Diane Pritiskutch, LPN
Schuylkill Center Nursing Home


“Nursing is in crisis, and I’ve seen so many good nurses quit or leave the profession entirely. Through our union, we’ve worked to make sure RNs are respected as professionals and that decisions that impact patients are made with us in the room. That’s why we’re a Magnet hospital. It’s through our union that we were able to ensure the kind of standards that bring and keep good nurses in our hospital.”

Lori Kreider, RN
Hershey Medical Center

Safe Staffing

Nurses in our union are advocating for safe staffing, quality care, and a voice for nurses in decisions made about our patients and profession across Pennsylvania.

Our experience as frontline nurses, before and since the pandemic, teaches us that our laws and lawmakers have a great impact on the health of our patients and on the kind of care we deliver. Learn more about the fight for safe staffing, ways to take action, and upcoming events here:

Hospital Nurses—Take Action for Safe Staffing for Hospitals

For hospitals—Building to a majority of support for the Patient Safety Act in the legislature for the first time ever.

The Patient Safety Act (House Bill 106 & Senate Bill 240) will establish safe staffing standards in every hospital, and provide transparency and accountability to patients and their families. Not only is it better for patients, it’s better for hospitals too: the cost-savings of improved care more than cover the costs of hiring additional staff.

Today, a bi-partisan 36% of the PA House and 43% of the PA Senate agree with us and have signed on to support this critical law, and we believe it’s possible to reach a majority of support for the first time ever in this legislative session.

However, two legislative leaders are standing between all of us and safer patient care: Health Committee Chairwoman Rep. Kathy Rapp must move the bill out of committee immediately. Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff must ensure that it comes to a vote.

We’re working to gather 1,000 signatures for an open letter from Pennsylvania hospital workers to the people of Pennsylvania asking for the public’s support and pressure on key legislators. We’ll publish this letter as full-page ads in newspapers across PA once we hit a majority of support in the House of Representatives.

Add your name to the open letter from hospital workers to the People of PA

Nursing Home Nurses—Take Action for Safe Staffing for Nursing Homes

For nursing homes—For the first time, we have a clear path to safe staffing in Pennsylvania nursing homes—but we haven’t won yet.

Our nursing homes are in crisis, due in part to outdated regulations that haven’t been touched in 25 years—until now. After years of nursing home workers sounding the alarm on dangerous staffing and workplace conditions, Governor Wolf has finally announced long-overdue reform to these regulations that will save lives, give voice to caregivers, and move us closer to the transformation that’s needed to ensure safe, high-quality care in every Pennsylvania nursing home.

But our work isn’t done. We need to keep up the pressure throughout the regulatory review process to finalize and implement 4.1, and we need the legislature to pass permanent rate increases to invest in frontline bedside care & caregivers.

Sign up to visit your legislators to tell them to take action to fund safe staffing for nursing homes and hold nursing homes accountable to their funding going to the bedside.

Sign Up

Below you’ll find links to sign up for upcoming events and other ways to take action:

Wednesday, 12/8 @ 5PM-8PM Phonebank for the Safe Staffing Open Letter

Toolkit: Write a Letter to the Editor for Safe Staffing

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