Every day, we advocate for our jobs and those we care for at the bedside. But that’s not the only place decisions are made. Politicians in Harrisburg and Washington make and pass laws and regulations that directly affect our staffing, safety, and union rights. That’s why we need to get involved – to make sure elected leaders stand with us on the issues most important to us as union healthcare workers. 

Contributing to COPE ensures we have the resources to elect leaders who will fight for what’s most important to us as caregivers.

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What is COPE?

COPE is our Committee On Political Education. We make small, voluntary, recurring donations through payroll deduction to our political action committee (PAC) to advocate for legislation and policy changes important to healthcare workers and elect leaders who support us in Harrisburg and Washington. 

In short, COPE is the primary way our members build power beyond the bedside. Sign up now and be part of that power.

Frequently Asked Questions About COPE

Isn’t this what our dues are for?

Dues are what we all pay to maintain our contract where we work. But we can’t use dues for many of the ways we engage in politics. If we want to stand up to corporate healthcare and its lobbyists in Harrisburg and Washington then we have to pool our resources by having everyone chip in a little bit. We can’t afford for politicians to make decisions without us being included. 

Why should I care about politics? 

Staffing, patient and worker safety, and even our ability to have a strong union so we can negotiate our wages and benefits — everything we care about — are all directly affected by laws and policies made in Harrisburg and Washington, DC. Corporate healthcare spends billions on lobbyists to sway politicians. If we don’t have the resources to fight back, the rules will always be written against us.

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