Joining together with your coworkers to organize a union is a fundamental right protected by federal law. It is illegal for your employer to intimidate, discriminate, or otherwise interfere in your decision.

That said, corporate and management usually opposed employees organizing and forming their union. They are afraid of you and your coworkers gaining an equal voice with your union. That’s why it is so important to know your rights.

You and your coworkers have the protected right to:

  1. Come together with your coworkers to form a union.
  2. Talk to your coworkers about forming a union and making improvements for staff and residents (during break time or before and after work; everywhere workers can talk about non-work issues like their children and plans for the weekend).
  3. Sign materials to support forming a union (during break time or before and after work; everywhere workers sign up for non-work activities).
  4. Take collective action with one or more coworkers to improve conditions.

Management is in serious violation of Federal Labor Law if they:

  1. Threaten to fire, discharge or punish you should you engage in union activity.
  2. Give employees who speak out against the union special favors or concessions, and they cannot promise employees promotions who initially support and then oppose forming a union.
  3. Keep employee union representatives from talking with members during non-working hours.
  4. Ask about confidential union matters, including union meetings, union representatives or the union itself.
  5. Ask you whether or not you belong to a union or actively support forming a union.
  6. Change your work assignments, your work environment, or working conditions with the intention of firing you based on your support for unionization.
  7. Threaten or coerce you in an attempt to influence your union support.
  8. Make threats regarding the discontinuation of benefits, wages, vacations, or job security should you and your fellow employees form a union.

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