Election Day is Tuesday, May 17th!

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May 10, 2022 is the last day to vote early in-person in the May 17, 2022 Primary Election.

May 10, 2022 Completed mail-in application must be received in the county office by 5:00 PM on 05/10/2022.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Primary Election.

See our entire list of endorsed candidates – or scroll below to see profiles of our four major campaigns. 


Summer Lee for Congress (12th District), Pittsburgh

Summer Lee rallies outside UPMC in downtown Pittsburgh to demand union rights for frontline hospital workers and nurses.

We’re proud to endorse Summer Lee for Congress who is one of the most inspiring and electric candidates we’ve seen in a long time.

Summer Lee is a proven leader, longtime community organizer, and now currently a State Representative. She has led the fight to hold UPMC – a multi-billion dollar hospital system and the state’s largest employer – accountable and pay their fair share in taxes to support our community. She demands that UPMC recognize and respect nurses and frontline workers and allow them to join our union without fear and intimidation.

Summer has repeatedly stood on the picket line with our essential caregivers and is a true champion for #UnionsForAll and working families.

Learn more: SummerforPa.comFacebook.com/SummerForPATwitter: @SummerForPA

Attorney General Josh Shapiro for Governor

Attorney General Josh Shapiro with SEIU home care lleaders, 04/14/22.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro is running for Governor because he is committed to expanding unions all across Pennsylvania and is one of the strongest advocates for #UnionsForAll!

Josh Shapiro supports the Patient Safety Act to end the catastrophic short staffing crisis throughout hospitals and long term care facilities.  As Attorney General Josh Shapiro has prosecuted and held accountable healthcare and nursing home executives for neglecting patients because of short staffing.

Shapiro used his powers as Attorney General to stand up and fight UPMC to protect thousands of patients, including those suffering from terminal cancers, from losing access to their doctors because of the hospital’s greed.  UPMC threatened to deny patients being able to access their own doctors if they used health insurance from a rival company, Highmark. Shapiro’s strong leadership forced UPMC to back down and allow patients to receive critical healthcare from their own doctors.

Josh Shapiro fundamentally respects our essential workers and caregivers and will our champion our values and priorities in Harrisburg to raise wages, standards, and investments throughout the entire healthcare industry. He supports our home care workforce and knows that our state must raise wages and give all essential caregivers a seat at the table.

Lastly, Josh Shapiro believes in protecting our democracy, counting every vote, and fighting against any attempt to try and suppress or manipulate our voting rights.

Learn more: JoshShapiro.org – Facebook.com/JoshShapiroPATwitter: @JoshShapiroPA

State Rep. Austin Davis for Lt. Governor

State Rep. Austin Davis, campaigning for Lt. Governor as the running mate with Josh Shapiro as Governor, meets with home care leaders, 04/14/22.

State Representative Austin Davis (35th District) is running for Lt. Governor alongside Josh Shapiro to lead Pennsylvania. Davis proudly represents Mon Valley and his hometown McKeesport in Allegheny County.

Rep. Davis fought to keep UPMC’s McKeesport hospital from closing its doors which provided vital healthcare and emergency services for thousands of working families and low-income patients.  He is pushing legislation to expand more sectoral bargaining for long term care and nursing home workers to have a stronger voice within the industry and knows the vital role that unions have to improve quality care for residents.

Davis is a true champion for investing in home care, including President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan.He believes every child and family deserves excellent schools, safe communities, affordable healthcare, and quality jobs that empower working families to thrive. He fights to give real economic opportunity to working families by raising the minimum wage. He is truly a “bridge builder” here in Western Pennsylvania who respects our essential caregivers and listens to us about how we must enact solutions to end short staffing, fight for fair funding at hospitals and nursing homes, and provide economic justice for all working families and communities.

Learn more: Website: Meet AustinFacebook.com/AustinDavisPATwitter: @AustinDavisPA

State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta for U.S. Senate 

State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, middle, receives the endorsement from SEIU Healthcare PA.

State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta’s campaign for the United States Senate is truly historic to become the first Black Senator for Pennsylvania. Everywhere he speaks he galvanizes and inspires healthcare workers, nurses, college students, seniors, union members, teachers, and activists who want to join his movement and diverse coalition. He wants to build strong communities with a fair, equitable and thriving economy for all working families instead of perpetuating a rigged system that protects the richest 1% and powerful corporate interests.

As a Black man and leader in Philadelphia, who is also gay, Malcolm Kenyatta fights for equality for everyone – no matter what you look like, who you love, and where you come from. He knows that cynical, extremist and powerful special interests want to divide working families with manufactured and divisive issues around race, crime, and what teachers are permitted to teach — when, in fact, we all want and demand the same essential values: a clean environment, good quality jobs that pay a living wage, secure neighborhoods, and thriving communities that invest in early learning for children, excellent public schools, and affordable healthcare.

Malcolm’s mother was paid poverty-level wages as a home care worker. That’s why his entire life and career have been centered on fighting to provide opportunity to everyone and breaking down the walls of intolerance, systemic racism, inequality, and discrimination. He is a true champion for the “Build Back Better” plan to transform our long term care system and invest in our  growing home care workforce.

He believes that healthcare is a fundamental right, the integrity of our elections must be protected from those who want to undermine our democracy, and that we must act immediately to solve the existential crisis of climate change and invest in new technologies to produce clean and sustainable energy. This is why our union is so proud to endorse and support Malcom Kenyatta’s race.

Learn more: MalcolmKenyatta.com – Facebook.com/MalcolmforPA – Twitter: @MalcolmKenyatta

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