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Honoring SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania’s 50-Year Anniversary History

Nurse Alliance Conference Schedule: Tuesday, October 24th:

Action Required!

Click here to enter your RN or LPN License Number so you can get your Continuing Education Credits.

Session 1: 

Nurses from across our union are coming together and taking action at our lobby day for state senators and holding a rally at the State Capitol to address the short staffing crisis in Pennsylvania.

Session 1 begins at 10AM. (Arrive early to park and get through security).

Where: Pennsylvania State Capitol, 501 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17120 (Google Map)

Session 2:

Nurses will participate in an interactive program in which continuing education credits will be offered.

Session 2 begins at 2PM

Where: Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, 25 S Queen St | Lancaster, PA 17603 (Google Map)

We Are Excited that Nurse Erica Will Be Delivering the Keynote Address At This Year’s Nurse Alliance Day Conference!

Nurse Erica has become a major TikTok star and social media influencer – and one of the biggest public advocates for nurses!

Follow Nurse Erica on X / Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among other channels.

For more information about the Nurse Alliance Conference please contact:

Amanda Lapina, Vice President SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania: / (412) 779-9789

This conference is sponsored by the Nurse Alliance and S.E.I.U Healthcare Pennsylvania.


SEIU Healthcare PA Leadership Assembly: Wednesday, Oct. 25th and Thursday, Oct. 26th

When: Wednesday, October 25th and Thursday, October 26th, 2023. (Members and guests depart Friday, October 27th).

Registration Begins:  8:30AM Wednesday, October 25th.

Leadership Assembly Officially Starts: 10:30AM

Where: Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, 25 S Queen St | Lancaster, PA 17603 (Google Map)

Here is a useful map of parking garages.

Bring Your Photos to Honor Leaders Who Have Passed

Please bring any personal photographs or mementos you would like to display at this year’s Leadership Assembly.  We are holding an In Memoriam display to remember, honor, and celebrate our members who have passed away since our last in-person conference.




Bring Your Memories

We will show a 30-minute video on Wednesday Night, October 25th to celebrate and honor our  50-year anniversary as SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania!

We have so many memories to share, and leaders to thank, for how far we have traveled together.

And during this engaging evening, and throughout our 2003 Leadership Assembly, we will recommit ourselves to work for a safe, sustainable, and peaceful world for EVERYONE.

Bring Your Favorite 1970s Disco Gear and Clothes For Our Party On Thursday Night, Oct. 26th!

Go to your basement, visit a thrift store, shop online, do what you gotta do to dress up!

That’s right, SEIU is celebrating the 1970s – you dig.  After dinner, on Wednesday, October 25th we’re holdng a fun game night with board games from the 1970s, a DJ and karaoke.

But even better, after the Assembly on Thursday, October 26th, we’re asking members and guests to come “dressed to impress” with your bellbottoms, platform shoes, gold chains, bold eye makeup, and big hair!

Get your groove on – and your headshot taken on our red carpet – while we dance the night away.


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