We held our first bargaining committee meeting in Harrisburg last week and have put an amazing plan in motion to win the contract we know we deserve!

We’re forming several subcommittees to tackle specific areas we think will be crucial to advancing our efforts and keeping everyone engaged in negotiations. We also did a deep dive into the state budget process and how that process is directly connected to our contract campaign. Take a look at this helpful visual timeline of the budget process.

We also have a great infographic that details how state health professionals engage with that process to make sure our priorities are reflected in the finished budget.

The first important action you can take to make sure you’re getting updates from bargaining and from our committee is to make sure we have your correct contact info. Take a moment and CLICK HERE to update your info.

We also want to ensure we’re reaching out in the best way possible and that you’re getting the important info you need in a timely manner. Take a moment and fill out this quick straw poll about what methods and platforms you prefer to receive info about bargaining. Check all that apply.

We’re still waiting for Gov. Shapiro’s administration to identify who will be taking point in bargaining for the state and we’re working on a schedule of bargaining dates. In the meantime, we’ll keep everyone posted as new information becomes available.

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