Our Subcontracted Dietary Workers, Through Morrison, at Pottstown and Chestnut Hill Hospitals Deserve a Fair Contract! 

Join Our Vigil Wednesday, March 9th! 

Our dedicated dietary workers at Tower Chestnut Hill and Tower Pottstown Hospitals – who are subcontracted by Morrison – are tired of being disrespected, forced to work overtime shifts because of the short-staffing crisis, and being left behind in an economy that doesn’t support service workers. 

We serve, stand up for, and support our community. That’s why we are fighting for a fair contract. After working two years during this global pandemic without any hazard pay, bonuses, or pay incentives, Morrison refuses to do more to recruit workers, or to protect current employees from the skyrocketing cost of living.

We DEMAND good quality jobs and a fully staffed hospital to provide the quality care our patients and families deserve!

We are calling on ALL healthcare workers at Chestnut Hill and Pottstown Hospitals, our community and faith leaders, and our allies to stand in solidarity with us on March 9th at our vigils. After the last two years NO workers should be left behind!

WHEN: Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

Outside Chestnut Hill Hospital: 3PM – 3:30PM

Outside Pottstown Hospital: 8PM – 8:30PM

For more information contact our organizer Kilynn.Lunsford@seiuhcpa.org; cell 267-884-8799; or Neal.Manning@seiuhcpa.org

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